“Então delete tudo aquilo que não valeu a pena, quem mentiu, quem enganou seu coração, quem teve inveja, quem tentou destruir você, quem usou máscaras, quem te magoou, quem te usou e quem nunca chegou a saber quem você é.”
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Bom diaaa

Bom diaaa

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I actually just hit 17.000 followers in Twitter (how the hell did this happen already?) and as I promised I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate it with YOU. The ones who follow me & keep up with my insane, sometimes too many & weird tweets. Alright, let’s just cut to the chase already before we get all emotional.

I’m giving away:

  • Two (2) “For Luca” pins
  • Two (2) “For Luca” badges
  • One (1) “YES THIS IS A CULT” T-shirt (Size: L)
  • Some triad stickers (Well I’m not posting a picture for that one, you know how they look like.)
  • Two (2) LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS albums (One of the albums is courtesy of @Eugexo_CO so thanks for that one!) 

I’m going to pick EIGHT (8) winners. For a chance to win, you need to fill this form, reblog this post (if you don’t have a Tumblr page, then tweet the link) & follow me in Twitter here (Hey — I’m celebrating to honor my followers after all!).

I’ll stop accepting submissions on MAY 15th. I will pick the winners randomly (pick random numbers & all). Everyone — no matter where they live — is eligible to win. Do I need to add anything more?

In case you don’t know who Luca is & what the echelon did for him, go here. Hopefully the winners who win the badges & pins will spread the word about him by wearing them :]

The postage fees will be paid by the awesome Echelon Donates org.
Thank you everyone! Spread the word + support/love THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS.  Provehito In Altum,

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30 Seconds To Mars Up In The Air.

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